What am I Doing?

It's a question that the... let's say, "rational" part of my mind has been asking me recently and often. 

I want to do everything and nothing.

I love to travel, pretend I'm a photographer, act like I'm a writer, and fantasize that I'm a scientist. I have a degree in a field that almost never fails to mildly awe my new acquaintance (it's architecture - impressed?), but after exploring it professionally outside the studio, it's now become more like a vestigial organ. I still see interesting opportunities related to it, however, and I don't want to lose touch. At the same time, I don't want to work at a job where the typical highlight of the day is the mental countdown to when I can leave and regain control of my life for the rest of the evening. I've started freelancing, but that's only part of the battle.

I am also pretty lazy. And I can procrastinate so efficiently that sometimes I fool myself into thinking I did work when I actually did nothing of real importance. (My room does get routinely clean and organized because of it though.) 

This website, or blog, or whatever you want to call it, is my continuous, public, experiment created so that I'm pushing myself to find the person that can confidently be everything she wants to be and has the authority to know what she's not. So, poke around, check out what I have (which I know isn't much at the moment), and let me know what you think. 

So, to answer my question, the best answer I can give myself, for now, is that I'm Chasing Sandcastles*


*Not Waterfalls