Hangovers of Passion

"Ah, I'm never going to do that again."

"Why did I think I could do that much in so little time?"

Oh, the sadness of realizing that what you could handle, with ease, in your early 20s is now a sizable challenge in your late 20s. It applies to many things: muscle aches, all-nighters, putting up with idiots, and of course, hangovers.  Just replace “do” with “drink” in the previous sentences and you have the typical hangover mental monologue.

It also describes what happened to me during these past two weeks while working on that architecture competition. In the beginning, it was lovely and wonderfully nostalgic: remembering how fun studio was and some of the crazy late nights we had. By the end it was aggravating and overwrought with sentimental nightmares: remembering how tired I always was, how terrible the critiques could go, and the massive amount of Mountain Dew voluntarily consumed in the course of a single night. (I cringe just thinking about that last one. Ew.)

Because of this project I relived my early 20s for two weeks while in my late 20s and by the end of it the experience has made me ask myself a question (and now you). 

When was the last time you dedicated 100% of your time and energy to something meaningful?

That might be an easy question for you to answer, but for me, it wasn't. It’s only been until recently that I started to seriously try to make my life into something I am passionate about. So yes, I did say those lines at the beginning of this post when I finally finished, but unlike the aftermath of a hangover, I’m proud of what I did and I wouldn’t mind doing something like it again… but perhaps next time I’ll give myself more than two weeks.


PS. You’ll see my final design after they announce the winners next week.