Mr. Ananas Goes Political, or Visual Proof That I'm Taking This Competition Seriously

Actually, he has some Conan O'Brien vibes... maybe it's just the hair.

Ok, maybe not entirely seriously. I did just spend 30-45 minutes to get Mr. Ananas into a Donald Trump (or should I say "Drumpf") impression. Mr. Ananas was not very happy about it, so I guess his expression mirrors his actual distaste. 

(I spent more time staring at his mouth than anyone should to draw this. Ew.)

Also, if you were wondering, Mr. Ananas did have eyes, but they.... just made him too creepy.

Anyway, I am actually enjoying myself (and simultaneously kicking myself) for my foolish attempt to enter into an architecture competition. The submission deadline is Wednesday and I've finally settled on a design last night. (Ugh.) 

I promise to give you the full details of my design and what the competition is actually about, but in the meantime I present to you a little taste of what I've been working on. Happy Sunday!