Full-Butt and Baby Giraffing It into My 30s!

In my old, old age of 30 (cue everyone older sniggering), I’d like to share a lesson I’ve learned in the past few months. It’s one that I’d like to remember as the true milestone of leaving my 20s. 

We’ve all heard it many times before. However, it only took me 29 years and 10 months to finally REALLY understand it.

The lesson is within such annoying inspirational memes as “Follow your bliss,” “Live with passion,” or the ever popular (and not annoying), Holstee Manifesto.

My version? “Do it anyway, but with passion.”

If there’s something you want to do (assuming it’s not harmful to you and others, etc), then just do it, don’t care about getting judged, don’t let yourself judge yourself, and all the while, commit, truly commit, to this big “risk” that you’re doing. (Including run-on sentences.)

When I was younger, I understood the first part, the whole “Just Do It” Nike thing. But my problem was that if I wasn’t interested or passionate enough about it, I’d do enough to get by, but I never allowed myself to really connect and learn. In other words, I half-assed it.

I did it all throughout my 20s and my creative successes were stifled because of it. I have missed opportunities to grow and opportunities to fail. What it ends up becoming is that I didn’t truly “live”.


It took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that it’s impossible to know everything you need to know before you start. After a while researching is just an excuse to feel like you’re making progress when you’re not. Gather what information you can and then just boldly stumble ahead. The point is to go full-ass and do everything that you can to make it work.

I think I’m getting preachy now. Sorry.

It’s because of this lesson that I’ve started up my blog again last month. I feel excited and more connected with myself every time I write and share and it only makes me want to do more of it. This passion isn’t just fueling this blog, but it’s also getting me to commit to writing as a profession as well.

I want to grow this blog into something amazing, but I don’t quite know the ultimate goal for it yet. But that’s ok. I will figure it out.

So cheer me on as I enter my 30s, baby giraffing it, full-ass, into the ground of personal fulfillment and hopefully, occasionally, slip into the muddy puddles of success. (Visual depiction of my 30s below, except I fall down again.)