Still Baby Giraffing It: About the New Redirection

Much of this past year has been an exercise in finally and truly listening to my heart and ignoring (sometimes extinguishing) the flames of fear and doubt that surround it. If you look at the previous posts on the blog, (now found in “Other Pursuits” by the way), you’ll notice that I could never post consistently in regards to both time and topic. I chose three topics because none of them by themselves could really connect with me. Because I fractured my focus, I lost it. 

Today for the second (or is it third?) time on my birthday, I’m redirecting my blog, but I really believe it will be a more positive outcome than before. 

Not many people know, but I’ve wanted to be a fiction author since I was little. I’ve always secretly ruminated about story ideas or possible quirks to give my characters. It’s a pleasure to get to the point in writing where you can be picky about specific words and sentence structures in order to hint and encourage the reader to think or feel a certain way. I wrote short excerpts of the stories that were meant to expanded upon… later. And of course, I never shared them. 

What many people do know, though, that this kind of writing, where you make up everything, is not a lucrative career path. But that’s ok. More than anything else, this is for me to practice and hopefully improve my writing. (To a minor extent my photography as well. One day I’ll be free from the Auto setting!)

What Chasing Sandcastles Is Now

My travel photos are my writing prompts – images I’ve amassed over seven years – to help illustrate a story that I haven’t come up with yet. So it’s still somewhat a travel blog; you’ll get some information about the trip and how to find the spots, but the point isn’t about discovering these places anymore. It’s now an experiment based on a real location, sometimes a real culture, but with imagined characters and events.

So if you made it this far, all I ask is that when/if you read my stories you be kind, but also be honest. I need feedback but the only way I can improve is if you tell me why you thought the way you did, not just what you felt. But as with sharing anything on the internet, I’m preparing myself for the worst, but I’m hoping for the best.